Visiting With Your Optometrist Right Away

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Visiting With Your Optometrist Right Away

I have never been much of a worrier, but when I started experiencing light flashes and floaters in my vision, I knew that something had to be wrong. I was dealing with sudden and unexplained eye pain, and I was concerned about what it might mean for my vision. Instead of ignoring the issue, I headed straight to the eye doctor's office to get the help that I needed. They carefully evaluated the issue, and my doctor told me that I had detached retinas. This blog is all about saving your vision through quick and efficient actions and knowing how to get the help that you need.



Getting Older And Can’t See Well While Reading? What Causes This And Types Of Glasses To Help You See Better

Once you get older, your eyes change in that you have an increased chance of developing things like glaucoma, cataracts, and more. Another thing that becomes common as you age is not being able to see small print. This can be frustrating as it will make it difficult to read books, read menus, read magazines, and even see the text on your smartphone. Below is information about what causes this to happen as well as what you can do about it. Read More